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1956 Austin-Healey 100-4 BN 2.
This may take a couple of minutes to download, but the wait is worth it. We tried to make these files as small as possible and still have the photos look good. Please be patient.

    The color is British Racing Green (because of the lighting the color shows up different then the picture below)

    Since the youngest Austin-Healey 100 is 41 years old now, one appreciates that the possibility of finding an example in good original condition is extremely rare.






    Price in 1956 was $3,000 (Overdrive extra) today it costs considerably more.


    British Racing Green is a very dark rich green, which depending on the lighting changes shades, sometimes it looks black and other times a rich green.

The windscreen is tilted back to form a wind reflector. Gives the car a low drag to add to the very clean body lines.


    A visitor to our shop wrote the following e-mail:

    "About three weeks ago I visited your garage, talked to Peter and looked at two BN2s there. I had an opportunity to see the photo album of a very beautifully restored 100 then, probably the same one you have on your page. So I know how beautiful the car is. The picture on the web doesn't show the exquisite detail work that I could see in the photos -- body work, paint, upholstery and so on. Maybe scanners aren't up to the task of displaying reflections and spruce green colors, yet. At any rate, I enjoyed looking at your web page, have added it to my bookmark file, and will visit often."

    From: (Roland Wilhelmy) May 28, 1996


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