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Restoration is bringing the car as close as possible to how it came out of the factory NEW, not just all the parts are there and they got a new paint job.

There IS a difference between RESTORED & REFURBISHED. New paint and tires and the engine doesn't smoke is refurbished NOT restored. True restoration is cross between science and art.

Buy a "lab book" (hard cover 8.5x11 notebook) from the stationery or office supply store. Each and every day when you finish work, or while working, write down exactly what you did - part by part. This is a good place to draw diagrams (wire colors, order of washers, etc) that will provide detail the pictures won't quite capture. To take this one step further paste pictures in the notebook.Before you get started on a classic car restoration it is very important to document what you are doing and you will need to take lots of pictures and take lots of notes.

  • What to take pictures of before you start the disassebly.
  • Exterior:
  • Under the hood:

    (The more detailed the better)

    Keep your camera handy and document the disassembly as you go along.

  • One more suggestion for the little stuff such as bolts, clamps, switches, etc. so easily misplaced get ziploc bags for the smaller items and strong plastic bags for the larger items and a "Sharpie" permanent ink pen to carefully mark each bag. (use your own imagination but make sure you save and catalog everything)

    What order of disassembly is recommended?











    Recommended Reading Material: -- How To Restore British Sports Cars --

    Original Austin Healey -- Copy of Factory Parts Book -- Reprint of Factory Service Manual --

    -- Classic Car Restoration Guide -- The Restoration of Vintage and Classic Cars -- Practical Classics on Metalworking --

    Some tips on Healey wiring harness etc.


    How do you set the cost of a restoration even when it's done?

    Yet another Tip:

    An old tennis ball makes a great holder for nuts and small parts. Make a slit with a utility knife,so that when the ball is squeezed, you can pop little things inside. It will remain shut and keep the small stuff from getting lost. Especially handy when working underneath in dirty conditions, and you can use a marker to ID parts.

    Good for spare change too.

    For those old "blind" mirrors:

    Resilver automobile mirrors, allowing the preservation of poured glass, rather than replacing it with modern float glass. If you have questions, I am located in Wichita Falls, Texas and charge $10.00 per automobile mirror, plus $3.00 postage and handling. If you have more than 10 peice...we can discuss discounts. Thanks, RoyceAnn Rankin

    For Brake Fluids check this page by Kenneth Streeter, with input from Mike Burdick, Shane Ingate, Chris Kantarjiev, a "Skinned Knuckles" article, and various other sources...The discussion of whether to use DOT3, DOT4, DOT5, or the new DOT5.1 brake fluids...

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