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800 Lincoln Blvd. Venice Beach, California U.S. 90291

Peter is a master mechanic, and has been restoring/collecting classic British automobiles for over 3 decades. His collection and knowledge is unique. If you are in the area drop by and say hello. If you want to send a message to Peter eMail him your message will be forwarded to him. He is often busy at the garage so calling him on the telephone is the best way to reach him. call Peter: 310-399-8313

How do we come up with the Value of Classic English Cars?. has been online for over ten years and one of the most often asked questions we get is what is the value of my car?

Condition on a scale of 1 to 10 ten being perfect one a total disaster is a way to give some idea of what we have. Because we are talking about a "classic" or old car we always have to consider the rust factor. This is why it's important to know the history of the car, how was it stored? Where did it live most of it's life? Was it in a climate like Arizona dry desert or California with minimum of snow and "weather"? Besides the obvious physical condition there are many other factors that come into play. Cars with a "history".

Just like people and places there are certain cars that have a history, it may have been owned by a famous movie star, or used in a movie or a race. Maybe the car won "best of show" type of recognition etc. If it's a racing car a true racing history and logbook can command a serious price increase and one that was raced by a well known driver or movie personality has even more value.

Is the car rare, how many were originally made? How many have survived? So when somebody asks how much is my classic English Car worth our answer is it depends.

The ultimate 4x4 weather it's for the urban cowboy during the week and the The Land-Rover has always had a following of off-roading eccentrics who found American Jeep models either too small or too common. This jolly band of folks, fond of warm beer and Australian outback garb, have been joined recently by the suburban trendies who feel Jeeps are for kids and the 4X4 offerings from Japan are high on style but as common as street furniture.
Fueled by the interest generated by Range-Rover, and amplified by the American reintroduction of the Land-Rover, old Land-Rovers have shot up in value.

The Triumph market is pretty much the same in the US as it is in the rest of the world. Since we got most of them and sold them to each other for forty years, our present market is based on what people, who didn't live here, can afford to pay for one. As with MGs, many have been shipped overseas. Just take the European market prices, convert them to US dollars and voila - the American market.

Triumph saloons were never imported in sufficient quantities to constitute a market. A nice old Herald or Vitesse Sport Six will sell for two to three thousand dollars but it will be hard to find people who know what one is. They did sell some Imps here but most ended their lives early and were stacked among the Issetas, Lloyds, and DKWs in the breakers yard.

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