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Classic Car Restoration Tips

We hope you find some of this information handy. Products, services, or tips are gathered from other web sites and e-mail correspondences from classic car enthusiasts, Peter's Marina Motors is not responsible for any outcome, or is not affiliated with any products mentioned.

These are just suggestions, you like them try them you do not like them throw them away! Also please note that I compiled this list a few years back so not all the links may me up to date!

Radio Restoration:

George Marinos who owns a Sprite AN6 recommends:

Wilford Wilkes, Sr. Vintage Radio Shop 101 Swoope St. Box 103 Brisbin, Pa. 16620

Ph: 814 378-8526 Fax: 814 378-6149

Usual disclaimers of course but have used Mr. Wilkes and he is great. Where else to find an NOS Radiomobile Model 20x (I think). He does both sales and service. You won't be disappointed. Again I'm just a vcery satisfied customer and have no other connection.

Bill Emerson: I concur with George. This is where I found the 1948 Radimobile 100.

My favorite quote is "If it is a Healey, drive it".

John Heffron who owns a 1967 BJ8 I agree with George too; I just had my BMC radio refurbished by Wilkes and also had it converted to negative ground. He's a very reliable and knowledgable fellow .

Radio Restoration:

Larry Bull writes:

I sent my original Motorola radio (it was transistor). to Classic Car Radio and they put new modern guts in it while still keeping the original look. I now have a modern AM/FM stereo radio which looks and functions the same as the original. The old push buttons work as before. The only way one could tell from the outside that this radio has been converted is the extra wires coming out the back for the second set of speakers The new guts provide 22 watts per channel and although not a cheap upgrade I am very please with the results. I have enough power and volume now to hear the radio over the sound of the exhaust and road noise. One final note, my car is positive ground and Classic Car Radio was the only one of several companies I checkedout that could do the upgrade and retain the positive ground operation.

Classic Car Radio offers a full range of services from factory original restoration to full blown Kenwood digital FM conversions for your car radio, 100% original appearance!

Nickel plating and metal blackening kits are also available from:

Frost Auto Restoration Techniques Ltd. - Crawford Street - Rochdale, Lancashire OL16 5NU

Tel: 44-1706-658616 FAX: 44-1706-860338 E-mail: art@frost.co.uk

Frost is a major supplier of tools and supplies for automotive restoration. A catalog with many items that simply are not available in the U.S. They are similar to Eastwood, but with a much larger catalog that is directed at meeting the needs of the English classic car owner. When you look at Frost's prices, remember that they will deduct the VAT from the published price.

The Eastwood catalog is free, and you can contact them at: Eastwood Box 3014 Malvern, PA 19335-0714

Telephone: 800-345-1178

Alternative body panel repair This page describes a technique which can be used to repair body panels without welding. It is based on a very strong flexible industrial Glue.
Starting a ground up restoration? Check out
Austin-Healey Restoration Tips the information is pretty generic the tips are useful for any classic car restoration.

Wilton is a company in England that makes, among other things,pure wool automotive carpets that are very fine indeed. As used OEM by Rolls Royce, Bentley and lesser marques.Bill Hirsch in New Jersey is a good place to get it. 1-800-828-2061

There is an anti-seize copper grease called "Copaslip" made in Canada. It is used on the splined hubs to make sure your wire wheels come off when they're suppose to. British Wire Wheel carries it for that purpose. It can also be used for manifold bolts, ... It should not be used on rubber suspension bushes, which should NOT be lubricated, except with water during installation. They function by flexing and will rapidly deteriorate if lubricated with Copaslip or anything else.

There is an excellent book on Austins in general by Anders Ditlev Clausager called "The Complete Catalog of Austin Cars". It is available from Classic Motorbooks at 1-800-826-6600. There are some under hood shots of the A90, 95 and 105s. There is even a shot of your car or at least the 105 versions of it.

The question: I keep reading and hearing about the use of copper grease. Seems to me that it is used in applications like rubber suspension bushes, etc. Can anyone enlighten me as to what are the wonderful properties of this substance, why is it used, where should it be used, and how would a Canadian guy like me get my hands on some?

Dave offered this answer:

From: Dave Formstone <dformsto@compusmart.ab.ca>

I believe you are referring to an anti-seize product called Copper Coat from a company called Jet Lube. Its primary function is to prevent threads from seizing. Another version of this is called C 102 (can't remember the manufacturer) this product is silver in color but it does a similar job. In my opinion this is not to mistaken for grease. Grease has specific properties required for lubrication which I believe is not an ingredient in the above mentioned products.

Hope this is of some help Dave F. 1960 Bugeye

Another tip came from: Jack Terrick who owns a 61 BT7

Believe what you're looking for is high-temp anti-seize compound. The copper version is designed for use on fasteners/fittings subjected to high temps, such as head bolts, exhaust manifold studs, etc. For suspension and other areas the silver version would suffice. If you've ever used either you know why it's referred to as grease; if you're wearing decent clothes in its proximity it immediately expands almost infinitely until it gets on all articles of clothing and covers your hands. Any auto parts store should carry the stuff.

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