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Peter has restored two Swallow Dorettis one car went to Japan and the other to Germany.

We are currently looking for another car to restore. If you know of a Swallow Doretti for sale wanting to be restored, please call us.

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Swallow Doretti

Swallow Coachbuilding had its origins in the pre-war firm, SS, which later became Jaguar. Swallow was the sidecar part of the firm, sold off after the war. To compensate for declining sidecar sales, it launched its own sports car, the Swallow Doretti, in 1954.

The Doretti used the mechanicals from a Triumph TR2 and was a crust above the TR with its hand -built aluminium body and leather trim; its price, accordingly, was higher than the TR2's. The Triumph parts fitted into Swallow's own tubular frame with an inner skin of steel. The result was a pleasing touring convertible capable of 100mph and it sold rather well. Approxomately 276 were made.

It was killed off after Jaguar itself objected that its former wing might affect its own sales.


Swallow Sidecar Company was formed in Blackpool by William Lyons, on his 21st Birthday on the 4th September 1922, with the nine year older William Walmsley as his equal partner. The company was formed with a bank overdraft of £1000 guaranteed by their
respective fathers. The company was to produce sidecars for motorcycles, a follow-on of Walmsleys previous line of reconditoned war-surplus Triumph motorcycles and fitting of sidecars.

In spite of the economic stagnation of the early 20's the company bloomed and had their first stand at the 1923 Motorcycle Show. In 1926 the growth was sufficient to enable the company to move into larger premises at Cocker Street and change the name of the
company to Swallow Sidecar and Coachbuilding company.