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Jaguar XK 140

Ground up Restoration Project
    Found it in a "Barn" well not really but almost. The ultimate dream of a collector to find a car tucked away and not touched for many years. Now the challenge is to make this car as beautiful as it was when it first rolled out of the showroom.

    This car had never been restored before, it had 55,000 original miles on it. The perfect project for restoration. It had everything and it needed everything.

The Before Pictures

It was a mess bits and pieces in boxes


Here is a bit of history on the Jaguar XK140:

    In October 1954, the XK140 took over directly from the 120, though remaining closely based on that design. Changes included the moving forward of the engine in the chassis, to allow the cockpit to be enlarged, the increasing of power to 190hp, and the fitment of rack-and-pinion steering. The price of the Roadster had risen to £1598. External style changes included the fitment of larger bumpers, a cast grill, and extra chrome decoration on bonnet and bootlid. The Drophead and Fixed Head models now had space for two tiny occasional seats, suitable only for carrying children.

Stage 1

This is the easy part taking it all apart

Bumpers, lights, handles ... windshield... it all comes off
  • Getting it ready for the body shop!
    Back from the body shop all painted and ready for reassembly.
Peter is anxious to look for every detail.





Stage 2 putting it back together.
Electrical, New Wire Loom

The Completed Engine compartment
Like new it sparkles in the California sunshine!

And it Purrs like a Cat!

This Project was completed in September 1996
There are more pictures and as time permits we will post them.

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