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Morgan 4/4 Series I made from 1936-1950

Malvern Link's first four-wheel sports car, introduced after 26 years of building nothing but three-wheelers (with the single wheel at the rear). The 4/4 was very much an extension of the original design, with the same sliding-pillar independent front suspension and Z-section frame side members. Much like the early MG T-Type in concept and character.

Early examples carried Coventry-Climax power before Morgan switched to engines from the Standard Motor Car Company.

Morgan Plus 4 made from 1950-68

Replacement for the 4/4, with the same basic body and chassis engineering on a four-inch longer wheelbase, and still with a sliding-pillar front suspension and separately mounted Moss gearbox. The longer chassis enabled and extra pair of "occasional" seats to be stuffed into the cockpit.

Morgan 4/4 made from made from 1955-87

A reborn 4/4 built on the Plus 4 chassis, still with wood-framed bodies and the odd, 1930'-vintage sliding-pillar front suspension. Drive trains now came from Ford Britain, not Triumph.

Morgan Plus Four Plus made from 1963-66

This the only Morgan with anything close to "modern" styling. Atop an unaltered Plus 4 frame with a 2.2 -liter Triumph TR4 engine was a bubble-top fixed-roof coupe body mad of fiberglass.

Morgan Plus 8 made from 1968-90

Continuation of the Plus 4 design, but heavily modified. Morgan's antiquated sliding-pillar front suspension and rugged ladder chassis were retained, but the wheelbase grew by two inches. The two-seat roadster body, still with cutaway doors and a folding top, continued to rely on wood framing to support its steel panels. (Look out for termites!)


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