Venice Beach and Peter's Marina Motors are
Located approximately 3 miles North of LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) California.


You haven't seen it all until you've seen Venice.

With sandy beaches and luxury yachts it is the second most visited area in Southern California.
The number one visitors attraction is Disneyland.
Sandy beaches and luxury yachts are not the only things that attract visitors. During the busy summer season and especially on weekends, there is entertainment at every intersection along Ocean Front Walk. Walking distance from Abbot Kinney Blvd. where Cyber Java Cafe is located.

Some call it The Boardwalk but is actually paved. The crowds that gather includes street performers, artists, instrumental musicians, singers, jugglers, acrobats, mimes, comics, magicians, prophets, fortune tellers and other assorted freaks. Some are trying to be discovered and some just want to make a buck to pay for rent or food.


Watch the parade of people check out the tricolor hairdos, painted faces, weird tattoos and outlandish clothing--or lack of it. It is a virtual sidewalk circus, a walk 'n' rolling skin show. A show like this you will find nowhere else.

Some vendor may try to sell you a fake Rolex or just some cheap sunglasses. There are lots of funky shops, too, if you want to eat out of the ordinary or an unusual souvenir or T-shirt. There are courts for basketball, handball, shuffleboard and paddle tennis, a bicycle path (you can rent a bike for the day or inline skates if you are more daring).

Your visit will be well worth it and experience you will not forget, bring your camera and video with plenty of film and batteries.
Yes there are canals in Venice.

There are plenty of reasonable hotels and restaurants in the area. You can expect to find a reasonable room for around $50 U.S. Dollars. A nice meal for about $10 -20 Dollars, depending on your taste.
For fun and recreation you may rent bicycles roller blades and join the natives for a fun ride along the beach and boardwalk. There is a bicycle path from the Santa Monica Pier leading all the way down south to Redondo Beach.
Peter's Marina Motors Restores, Maintains, Buys & Sells,

Classic English Cars

Established in this Location Since 1970

If you want to see live webCam pictures from Venice Beach: